How to not look sleepy?

However, many people look tired and sleepy in their daytime. They search for practical tips regarding how to not look sleepy devoid of resorting to slapping on different things involved in the makeup. Almost every adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to be active throughout the day, look energetic and be healthy for a long time.

If they sleep less, then they have to be conscious about how to enhance the quality of their sleep every night. They have to go to bed early and avoid consuming unhealthy foods in the evening.

Suggestions to look and feel active

A proper method to renew the skin cells is very important to look less tired and enhance the skin’s health at the same time. Regular exfoliation in a proper way is one of the best methods to give you skin healthy renewal.


This is advisable to exfoliate the skin during the winter months and as you age. All users of the glycolic acid get the best result as this product dissolves the dead skin cells’ top layer and resurfaces the skin. They have to get new and active skin cells after a safe skin exfoliation process. They will get bright look and glowing skin which makes them brisk.

You may have dark circles and get ever-increasing questions regarding your tiredness look. You have to treat such dark circles at first and stop looking sleepy hereafter. In general, dark circles make everyone look more tired than what they actually feel.

Dark circles are usually hereditary and visible as we age. This is mainly because skin under eyes is thin and getting thinner as we age.  Individuals who enhance their diet plan and keep away from allergens can get a good improvement in their appearance.

They have to live a healthy lifestyle and think positive. They can use the moisturizer specially designed for their skin tone.

not look sleepy


Dehydration causes individuals to look and feel exhausted. You have to drink plenty of water every day and stay hydrated for better health. You have to avoid unhealthy beverages especially sugary drinks and excessive consumption of coffee or tea. You can drink at least 8 glasses of purified water per day and make certain that you stay hydrated and look active. This is worthwhile to learn to understand when you get thirsty feel.